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Lesson #6: Albie Fishing from Shore on Cape Cod

As mentioned in my email, one of the best areas to find albies from shore are inlets and the nearby beaches. Many inlets on Cape Cod have jetties from which you can fish.

In the video below I am fishing during mid-October, from a jetty which borders an inlet, along the eastern shoreline of Buzzard's Bay. The tide was outgoing, and peanut bunker were dumping out from the estuary.

Albies had the peanut bunker pinned in the current against the rock jetty. There was nowhere to escape, as huge albies and schoolie striped bass took turns assaulting the hapless baitfish. 

Click play below to watch!

The lure I was using during this trip is called an Albie Snax (pictured below). These soft plastic baits cast well and do a great job of imitating peanut bunker.

Specifically I was using the white version, with a VMC size 4/0 heavy duty swimbait hook. I really like using these lures because of the single hook, which makes releasing albies much quicker and easier. 

The topwater strikes these lures generate is also heart stopping! If you've never rigged an albie snax before, then the video below will teach you how to do it. πŸ‘‡

During this trip I was fishing a jetty along the western shoreline of Buzzard's Bay. There are many inlets, bays and areas of current which can be discovered along this coastline, by investing some time on Google Earth.

However there are also many good spots along the southside of Cape Cod, specifically the area from Falmouth to Chatham. Albies do occasionally enter the canal. They are rare visitors to Cape Cod Bay.

For more information about areas where albies gather on Cape Cod, please watch the video below. πŸ‘‡

For a reel I have been using the Daiwa BG 4000 from my friends Jeff and Bruce over at Canal Bait & Tackle. For albies I recommend 20 pound braided line or 12 pound monofilament. An even better option would be the Van Staal VR50 which I just purchased and plan to use for albies from here on forward. I have the VR50 spooled up with 20 pound braid.

For a rod I have used the Shimano Teramar TMS-X70MH. I was really happy with this rod, and had used it to catch albies, bonito and striped bass of up to 40 pounds. 

In 2018 that rod finally succumbed to years of abuse, and I am now pairing a St Croix 7' Medium Power VIS70MF spinning rod with the new Van Staal VR50

For a leader I am using a 4 foot long section of 15 pound Seagur Fluorocarbon. The leader is connect to my main line via a Slim Beauty knot, however I must admit there are easier-to-tie knots for tying fluoro to mono, which you can find on YouTube.

seagur 50 pound flurocarbon leader

As mentioned in the email, albies can be agonizingly finicky when they are feeding on tiny bait, such as bay anchovies. 

Watch the video clip below to learn more about targeting albies that are feeding on bay anchovies, versus albies that are feeding on peanut bunker.

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