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Nor’ Easter Peanut Bunker Blitz!

Ryan Collins

The wind is howling on Cape and the waves are huge! However, some of the protected coves and bays are producing awesome blitzes with bass on peanut bunker.

This fishing adventure began yesterday morning before sunrise.The trees in my yard were swaying back and forth, and rain was starting to fall, as I drove out of my neighborhood to the beach.

I knew conditions would be pretty miserable, but being outside during inclement weather makes me feel alive. Feeling the sharp sting of an October Nor' Easter on my face is a sure fire way of waking up in the morning!


Un-Fishable Conditions

As you can see from the photo above, conditions in this area of the Cape were pretty un-fishable yesterday morning. I began casting just after sunrise and encountered very muddy water and plenty of weed.

I did not encounter any fish yesterday morning, but I did find plenty of solitude. I saw more seagulls than people yesterday morning, and I got to enjoy a peaceful and scenic walk.

Members of My Fishing Cape Cod can view more photos and learn more about my trip yesterday morning by reading my post in the forum. 

Peanut Bunker Blitz!

I found myself back home yesterday morning by 9am. This gave me plenty of time to get my work done for the day, and also take the dog for a couple of nice walks in the woods. 

By 4pm I was ready to get back out there and give fishing in this Nor' Easter another shot. However, this time I planned on targeting protected back bays and coves, where I could escape the wind and waves.

I was driving to the spot in this area when I passed by a very small shallow cove, and caught sight of an enormous flock of sea gulls going crazy. I pulled over and parked my truck at a convenient dirt space located a short walk from the commotion. 

A minute later and I was surrounded by squawking gulls, and a large school of bass that was slurping down peanut bunker in just inches of muddy water.

It was a really unique experience being able to catch some of the fattest and healthiest looking schoolies of the year - in just inches of water!

I had a super fun couple of hours, and I even made it home in time for dinner! I didn’t catch any big fish yesterday evening but the schoolies were in the 24-27 inch range, were very well fed, and fought well on my light setup.

Video + More

Today I posted an Instagram Story about this trip to the MFCC Instagram page. For folks who may not know, an Instagram Story consists of short clips that are usually filmed vertically on a phone.

You can watch my vertically filmed Instagram story of this trip by clicking play below. 👇Members of My Fishing Cape Cod can watch the regular (full-width un-cropped version) of this video recap by visiting this page

Click here for the equipment & tackle used during this trip

Members of My Fishing Cape Cod can also learn more about yesterday's adventures by reading these member-only posts 👇👇👇

Today is once again extremely windy and rainy, but I am hoping to head back out tomorrow in the morning.

Good luck and be safe if you decide to give fishing from shore a try in these conditions.

Tight lines! 🎣

What do you think?

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  1. Very quiet on the Outer Cape…..lots of rain today (10/11). Herring Cove was peaceful last night, but no fish. Saw birds working the water about 1/2 mile out, but that was all……

    1. Roger that Dave. Thanks for letting me know. It was good seeing you last week!

  2. Cape Cod beautiful in all weather conditions.

    1. Absolutely Jake

  3. Ryan, always enjoy watching your fishing adventures.

    1. Thanks Mike! I have fun following your fishing adventures in the forum. Keep it up!

  4. Way to go Ryan, Can’t wait to go poking around this weekend!

    1. This was definitely a fun trip Leslie. Sorry to hear you didn’t find much action over the weekend, but great job picking up all that trash. I really appreciate it!


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