June 20 2017

Giant Striper on Spook Plug | June 20 Fishing Report


Ryan Collins

If you have never caught a giant striped bass using a Spook, then you will be in for a surprise when it finally happens for you. The topwater explosion may give you a heart attack.

At 9:45am this morning, while fishing a beach on Cape Cod in dense fog, my spook-style plug got engulfed by a giant 46.5 inch striper.

The video below showcases how effective Spook plugs can be when fished slowly across the surface in the fog. 


Please click play below to watch.

In the yellow box beneath the video My Fishing Cape Cod members can download even more information about:

  • How to fish Spook plugs
  • When to fish Spook plugs on Cape Cod
  • My 2 favorite Spook-style lures

Spook Plugs - Even More Info

Members of My Fishing Cape Cod can download
even more information about:

  • How to fish Spook plugs
  • When to fish Spook plugs on Cape Cod
  • My 2 favorite Spook-style lures

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  • Hi Ryan, I know this is an old (2017)video but I still enjoy re-watching it.
    What kind of rod are you using in this video (make, length, action).
    I like the way it handles.
    I enjoy the web site.

    Thanks, Marty

    • I’m really happy you enjoy the video Marty. This was an incredible day that I have not been able to repeat! The rod was a Lamiglas 9′ rated for 1-3 ounces. This rod broke a few years ago and I don’t think they manufacture the model anymore. Unfortunately I don’t remember the exact model number. I’m now using an ODM Genesis 9′ mod/fast action NXG-93 which is very similar.

    • Glad you enjoyed the video Tommy! I’ve actually never used spooks at night. At night I find myself using soft plastics or Danny Plugs a bit more often, but I would imagine a spook would work just fine. Same retrieve ought to do the trick.

  • Ryan, that video was excellent. Today is the last day of school for my boys and I. Gonna try to head up there despite our busy schedule. Thanks for the extra motivation! June COWS!!! Gotta love it!

  • Great video and very useful tips on the spook! I’ve typically fished mine at a faster pace, like a pencil,. Here Roy seem to be walking the dog slowly. Is this how you always fish a spook, or is it just what the foggy situation called for? How do you compare it to working a pencil?
    In any case I’ve been in a lot of these fish spooking situations lately by boat and especially kayak. Now I know what I’ll try.

    • I always work them slow Jim. I always work my pencils very slow too, unless bass are actively blitzing all around me.

      Definitely let me know how the spook works out for you!

  • Ha !
    Lucky to have the camera rolling my ass.
    You were wise enough to be in the right place at the right time.
    That takes knowledge and forethought.
    That’s the skill.
    The camera would have been there regardless.
    Excellent work !!
    I tip my cap !!

  • You look just a tad excited. What a great moment! Spooks would be effective in the fog at Cutty. Have to give them a try. Would you fish a Jumpin Minnow the same way?

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