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Kayak Fishing for Stripers and Tautog | VIDEO

Ryan Collins

Join me in this video report as I kayak fish the bays and boulder fields of Cape Cod in search of the first sea-lice covered stripers and tautog.

This trip began before sunrise just a few days ago on the 28th of April. My idea was to fish a southside bay for stripers before switching over to tautog.

All day long I enjoyed picture perfect conditions. The sunshine was warm and the winds were light.

Fortunately a few fish cooperated too, which is always a good thing. Please click play below to watch my video recap of this early spring kayak trip.


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  1. Your video says it has some privacy settings that don’t allow it to play on my iPad!

    1. Could be something specific to your iPad or internet browser Frank. Clearing your browser’s cookies may work.

      Are you still experiencing trouble?

      I will be on the computer again tomorrow and can probably assist.

  2. What a perfect day to be out in the kayak! The pogies seem to be everywhere this spring. How would you compare their numbers to what you saw last spring?

    1. WAY more pogies this spring Darren!

      Some guys are saying this is the most they have seen in at least 10 years.

      1. Hopefully that will draw in lots of big bass!


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