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Monumental Whale Feeds | June Tuna Report

Bob Hovey

Hello My Fishing Cape Codders, this is captain Bob Hovey, with you for another season of offshore fishing.

So far this June I have made two trips in search of giant bluefin tuna. Just this past Saturday I was able to fish with Ryan on my 26' SeaVee.

The plan was pretty simple. We would meet at 3:30am to cast net pogies. We would then "find the life" and live-line the pogies to tuna.

However it's a rare day in the tuna world when things go exactly as planned. Ryan and I encountered quite a few surprises, to say the least.


Please click play below to watch our video report for this trip.

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Good luck out there this week. It looks like the wind is going to blow for a few days, but hopefully the breeze calms down in time for this weekend.

Tight lines!

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  1. My first tuna trip I was surrounded by whales I was amazed Amazing how they bubble the bait up

    1. Yeah it is pretty amazing. They are smart hunters!

  2. unreal. great video

  3. Great Video!!

  4. Thanks again for a fun trip Bob. Hope to get out with you in Venice, Louisiana.

  5. Amazing video. The ocean is alive.


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